Words matter. As someone who loves writing and spent decades in nerdy activities like theater and debate club, I know words matter. And I know verbal fillers are often a hindrance to us and our messages being taken seriously. A couple times a year, I reflect on the words I use frequently and eliminate phrases […]

Transparent. It’s one of the biggest buzzwords used to describe management style and workplace culture today. Like all buzzwords, the definition of what “transparent” means in the world of work varies … For me, it is a management style and/or culture approach where parties are consistently forthcoming and clear about expectations and goals in order to achieve desired-outcomes. […]

Just after the start of the new year, I came across this story in my Facebook timeline about a school in North Carolina where teachers were discouraged from using “please” and “thank you” in communication with students. Coined as No-NonSense Nurturing, the idea behind the initiative is the teachers shouldn’t say “Please” or “Thank you” […]

I lost a few friends on Facebook in 2015. Apparently, folks didn’t like things I was posting so they un-friended me. A few let me know they were un-friending me before they did it. I was called things like “feminazi” and “race-baiter” by people I’d known for years. People I liked. People I trusted. People I’d been […]

On average, we deal with over 100 email messages in our inbox every day. More and more, we rely on our emails to document and track communication between us and the people we work with and for. Knowing this, sometimes, we go too far or not far enough in choosing our words. Here are the […]

So I wrote a post in November and caught some flack. In “How To Delegate Effectively – Part 2”, I said you should never delegate to your boss because it’s essentially whining. But but but Buzz, sometimes I really am super busy. Just because I’m not the boss doesn’t mean I don’t have lots to do, too. You’re […]

I once worked with a guy who marked every e-mail that he sent as urgent. Every. Single. Email. Every day. In his defense, he didn’t send very many e-mails. Maybe 1 or 2 each day … He said that was the reason he marked them as urgent — he didn’t want his few e-mails to […]

Wikipedia defines Human Resources as the set of individuals who make up the workforce of an organization, business sector or an economy.  In other words, we are the backbone of the company.   No company can survive without employees, more specifically, good employees.  Any Joe Schmoe can set up shop and put up a now hiring […]






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