March 15th is Tiffany Keuhl‘s birthday … so the BlogFFs decided to embarrass celebrate her with posts across our collective social media. I met Tiffany on Twitter about 4 years ago when she retweeted something I posted. Soon after, I followed her back on Twitter … then we connected on LinkedIn … then Facebook … […]

Confession time … I don’t really like Beyonce. She is undeniably talented and beautiful — but she doesn’t inspire those fan-girl feelings that make me think of her like a BFF in my head the way I feel about Jennifer Hudson or Mary J Blige. On a scale of “suck” to “awesomesauce” … Beyonce gets a “yawn” or […]

My poor laptop was compromised and riddled with horrible viruses so I’ve been unable to write the past couple weeks. Falling behind on projects and deadlines both frustrated me immensely and taught me some things. More on that next week. Valentine’s Day is approaching! I’m looking forward to a little romantic getaway with my sweetie and […]

We all have bad days at work. We all have people we don’t like working with. We all have things we don’t like to do. We all have ideas we think are stupid but we have to  follow through with plan anyway. And sometimes these things all converge together on the same day, time and […]

Almost eight years ago, I found myself in my last year of undergrad searching for my niche in the world of psychology. I started out in clinical psychology and decided I didn’t want to diagnose and counsel for the rest of my existence so I set out on my quest to find my new niche. […]

Today is May 2, 2012. Which isn’t significant at all for me.But May 1, 2012 was significant. It was the First Anniversary of this blog! Yay! At the 6 month mark, I had quite the celebration and spent a lot of time reflecting on where I started, where I was currently and where I was […]

If you know anything about me, you know that I love God, I love dance and I love being a mommy! But, let’s just talk about “dance” today, shall we? To some, the dance connection may be obvious; to others not so much….so let me break it down for you. Growing up, I think I […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!! Posts this week are all about my favorite workplace love stories. Enjoy! ********************************************************************************** Adam and Eva were my first experience with workplace romance. They worked in Accounting. I worked on-site as a staffing manager and my desk was in their area. Smack in between them actually. And, yes, that was as awkward […]






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