Gremlins is the story of the Peltzer family of Kinston Falls, USA.  Dad, Randy, is an inventor and on his way home from a convention, he stops in Chinatown where some kid takes him to an underground store to pitch products to the kid’s grandfather. Randy hears the grandfather’s pet making noise and, when he […]

The movie Elf was was released 15 years ago. It stars Will Ferrell as Buddy, an orphan who crawls into Santa’s bag of toys and ends up at the North Pole as an infant. Rather than send him back to the orphanage, Santa allows an elf-man who never settled down to adopt and raise Buddy […]

I love classic Christmas movies. The joy of the simple, feel-good stories and the sweet nostalgia of watching the same shows and movies year after year just can’t be beat. For a few years on this blog, I dedicate several posts in December to the classics, old and new.  Each post is full of fun, […]

I was attacked one Sunday night just over 10 years ago. We were separated only a few weeks at the time. He returned to the house while me and our children were sleeping. I was startled awake to find him standing over me. The physical attack began within moments after I woke up and lasted […]

Early in my career, I read an article which said  men generally cast women into 1 of 5 roles in the workplace. Those 5 roles are Mother Wife Girlfriend/Mistress Sister Daughter Mother is expected to coddle and comfort and cover, even when you’re not doing what you should. Sometimes they nag or punish you — […]

The Buzz on HR reached its 7th Blogiversary in May. I was taking a little sabbatical from writing following the #BlackBlogsMatter challenge so I didn’t make much fuss about it. But I gotta admit, 7 Years is a really big deal and I’m proud of myself for making it this far … Yet I know […]

Creating and maintaining high performance in our workplaces is not easy. It takes a lot of effort … And that’s probably why so many individuals and organizations fail at it. Not everyone is cut out for it. Not everyone wants to put in the work it takes to have it. So I’m not going to […]

Employee Experience refers to the employee’s observations and perceptions about their employment with the company they work for. It includes their experiences and reflections during their journey as an employee. It is the place where culture, physical environment and technology collide. It is what happens when employee expectations, wants and needs overlaps with the company’s […]






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