#BlackBlogsMatter – Week 1 – Black Blogs STILL Matter

This post kicks off the 3rd year of the #BlackBlogsMatter challenge. The 2019 brings a new start date, new themes and a new logo!

I know there are people wondering why I’m still doing the #BlackBlogsMatter blog challenge. What’s the point? What’s the goal?

I’m still doing this because #BlackBlogsMatter won’t let go of me. I still need it; I’m not done. The posts during this challenge — which some label as divisive and negative — are typically the most raw, honest and personal pieces I write during the year. Without #BlackBlogsMatter, I never would have found the courage to speak from that place — and I wouldn’t have kept the courage to continue speaking from that place, not only on this blog but in every space I now occupy where I have influence and the opportunity presents itself. #BlackBlogsMatter saved me as a writer and it opened doors I would not have otherwise knocked on yet alone walked thru or broken down. Because my anxious thoughts were telling me that it wasn’t my place to speak on these topics, that I should leave it to the “experts”, that I would lose my audience, that I would damage my reputation.

None of that was true. My knowledge and experience make it my place to speak — and I’m just as worthy as any other so-called expert to share my thoughts and opinions. My audience stuck with me — and it grew even larger. My reputation remained in tact — and it began to precede me in spaces I didn’t anticipate engaging.

And that’s the point of #BlackBlogsMatter. To engage with content and topics we don’t normally talk about in public spaces. To expose ourselves to bloggers and vloggers we wouldn’t have otherwise known. To push beyond the thoughts in our minds telling us that we’re not qualified to talk about these topics or that our audiences will abandon us. To normalize the conversations about our differences and difficulties so we can create safer, inclusive spaces for everyone.

We are never going to make progress with diversity, inclusion, equality and equity if we keep dodging these subjects. We are never going to make progress if we’re unwilling to be uncomfortable. We are never going to make progress if we won’t be quiet and instead amplify the voices of those who are typically marginalized. We are never going to make progress if we won’t admit what we’re doing right now isn’t working and that we have to unlearn then relearn. We are never going to make progress if we rely on the same people and thinking that got us here to get us out.

That’s why I’m still doing this. That’s the point. That’s why #BlackBlogsMatter STILL matters and must continue.

The goal? In the short-term, it is to get thru these 12-weeks and provide dope, thought-provoking content. And to read and share the content of the other creators out there who choose to take this journey with me … However, the long-term goal is something you’ll have to wait for until the “Now What?” post in week 12.

Until then, take a look at THIS VIDEO, answering some of the FAQs about #BlackBlogsMatter and how it works.

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