The Best of Buzz 2018

2018 was another good year for the BuzzARooney brand.

I continued my commitment to being bold and honest about what’s really going on in the areas of management, leadership and human resources in every avenue where I have influence. I pushed myself to speak candidly and openly about the issues plaguing marginalized people in our workplaces and gave practical advice on how to do better. I made the leap from concurrent to keynote speaker in the conference space. I moved into webcast territory as a panelist and featured guest at some super dope events, despite being terrified of video. I guested on multiple podcasts — and joined a cohort to develop my own show. I made several best-of lists and was quoted in places that wouldn’t have looked my way a few years ago. And I appeared in a featured interview for an international publication that I’ve admired since childhood.

Each moment felt surreal and unable to be topped –until the next one came.

You can check out all the moments and more HERE.

The most important thing that happened thru all of this was three-fold.

  1. I wanted more. Not in a selfish, celebrity, look-at-me kinda way. But as I moved to each level, I realized I had more to give. And it felt wrong and disrespectful in so many ways not to keep reaching for higher heights.
  2. I was flooded with ideas. Soooo many creative thoughts and possibilities. Sooo many opportunities to add value to the spaces I occupy. Sooo much good energy and unfettered imagination.
  3. I felt so much anxiety. Per usual, the moment I dare to dream, all the negative nay-saying voices pop up telling me that it’s not possible, that I can’t do it, that the space is too saturated, that I’m not enough … Thankfully, I’ve done and continue to do enough self healing work to know those voices are all liars. And I told each of those spawn to shut-up and get TF outta here.

So as 2019 begins, I’m ready to travel new paths and forge ones that no one else has. And I’ve chosen 5 words to guide me:

  • Consistency
  • Boundaries
  • Initiative
  • Boldness
  • Support
  • Courage

Goals and resolutions? I have those too. These 5 words will help me accomplish them. And I thank you for being on the journey with me.

Before I get started, let’s take a look back at The Best of The Buzz on HR in 2018.

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