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Since ending the 2018 #BlackBlogsMatter challenge, I’ve taken a brief break from blogging. I poured a lot of myself creatively and emotionally into the posts I wrote. I needed a moment to recharge.

In the meanwhile, I’ve done 2 awesome interviews on 2 awesome podcasts that I’d love for you to listen to!

Cy Wakeman’s No Ego Podcast:  Episode 30 – Working with the Disenfranchised

In the episode, I talk about what it was like taking on a new HR role with a team who was not welcoming and how I turned it around to cultivate a high-functioning, high-performing HR squad!


Jennifer McClure’s Impact Makers Podcast: Episode 8 – Fairness without Sameness

In the episode, I talk about creating an inclusive workplace and addressing issues of fairness without requiring everyone to be clones.

I hope you enjoy both episodes and share your thoughts with me in the comments or on social media!

And if you loved my episode of the shows, I encourage you to connect with both Cy and Jennifer online and subscribe to their podcasts. Both ladies are phenomenal, forward thinking entrepreneuresses! I am lucky to know them — and you will be grateful to know more about them and all their show guests.

See you next week with new blog content!

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