Top 5 HR Trends for 2018

2018 is upon us and it is time for predictions of what this new year will bring.

Here’s my Top 5 Trends in HR for 2018 (in no particular order) …

  1.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) … For years, HR has been behind the curve in the world of AI and the associated predictive analytics that come with it. AI is going to show up and show out in HR for 2018.  HR tech vendors are finally hip to the AI game — and they are fiercely working to get us caught up and leading the way. Learn more about it and start making plans for AI usage in your organization to make your HR department even stronger.
  2. Sexual Harassment Reckoning … It is open season in these streets for men harassing women in the workplace. HR has got to be prepared to train their employees on what to do when harassment occurs and HR has got to be ready to address the increase of complaints that are surely coming. HR also has to be on the lookout for backlash by nervous, stupid male managers who think excluding women is easier or better than controlling men’s mouths and treating women as humans. HR has to address all these issues swiftly and surely.
  3. Brand Congruence and Integrity … Along with companies and people being called out for harassment in the workplace, companies and their leaders are also being publicly dragged for hypocrisy.  With social media continuing to rise and blur the lines between professional and personal, there is an expectation the companies will pay and treat employees fairly. There is also an expectation that leaders will ensure this happens in their organization and that they will conduct their personal lives in an ethical manner. When a brand is found to lack congruence and/or integrity in these areas, and the public gets wind of it, social media will pounce. The results can be devastating to your employer brand. HR must lookout for issues with the employer brand congruence and integrity. HR has to make recommendations on how to address problems before they go viral — and HR must know how to settle down and resolve the issues when they arise.
  4. Work Flex … Mobile technology makes people more accessible to work during non-traditional hours. Employers have used this for a long time to increase company productivity and profitability by getting more work out employees at odd hours. Employees are now demanding to work non-traditional hours in a way best suits them and the needs of their personal life. HR has to be prepared to address this and to lead organizations in finding the balance necessary for everyone to have superior quality of life and work.
  5. Total Wellness … The state of healthcare is a hot mess of instability. Costs keep going up, care keeps going down — but people keep getting sicker and for longer periods. There’s not much employers can do to change this. HR has to find new ways to provide comprehensive benefits for employees. HR has to redefine what “comprehensive benefits” means. Help employees learn how to manage, save and invest their money. Help employees eat healthier and get more exercise. Help them rest and relax. Help them pursue their dreams beyond the job. Just caring for physical health isn’t enough anymore. At total wellness approach is what is going to separate the best employers from the rest of the pack.


HR is uniquely positioned to lead in this season because the main issues plaguing the people of our businesses are the issues we’re trained and equipped to resolve. We just have to step up and be ready to lead.

Get ready, be ready and stay ready, HR.

Our time is now.

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