#BlackBlogsMatter Challenge – Day 17 – Young Gifted and Black

Welcome to the #BlackBlogsMatter challenge! Throughout the 28 days of February, my posts will not (necessarily) be about HR, Leadership or Management topics.

The future is bright.

Despite the horrible atrocities still happening to Black people and the overall state of our world, the future is bright.

We have access to more information than ever before.

We have greater opportunity than ever before.

We can start businesses with hardly any capital.

We can make movies and music from our phones.

We can write and publish our works almost for free.

We can develop followings and gain influence.

We are only as bound and limited as we allow others to make us.

We are the most free that we’ve ever been. We are breaking chains and stereotypes and generational curses. We are redefining what Blackness is and what it will be.

This scares people. The people who have profited from our oppression and ignorance and forgiving spirits are afraid. The people who have nothing to offer beyond their privilege are nervous. The people who underestimated our resilience and perseverance are terrified.

Fear is at the heart of it all.

Fear that we’ll become the majority. Fear that we’ll get wiser. Fear that we’ll get smarter. And fear that when we do, we’ll do to them what they have done to us.

Let’s keep them wondering. Let’s keep them wishing. Let’s NOT keep them waiting tho.

Now is the time. Our time.

For there is no greater time than this to be Young, Gifted and Black.


Tune in tomorrow for Day 18 – Black Girl MagicĀ 

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