#BlackBlogsMatter Challenge – Day 14 – Black Love

Welcome to the #BlackBlogsMatter challenge! Throughout the 28 days of February, my posts will not (necessarily) be about HR, Leadership or Management topics.

In a world that says you are not beautiful or desirable, Black Love is a wonder.

In a world that says you are not worthy or acceptable, Black Love is amazing.

In a world that constantly threatens your liberties, freedom and existence, Black Love is a miracle.

Black Love is essential to the success and advancement of Black people. We must love ourselves and we must love each other. We must create and maintain our family units. We must teach our children our proud history. We must prepare them to continue the hard work of the struggle. We must help them to recognize and address direct, subconscious and systemic racism.

Without Black Love, none of these things are possible.

For it is through our love that we nurture the hope and faith needed to persevere.

Black Love is an essential, wonderful, amazing miracle.

Check out Keirsten Gregg’s Instagram page for touching tributes to real-life couples

Tune in tomorrow for Day 15 – Black Moms Be Like



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