5 Reasons I Love Victorio Milian — and You Should Too!

Three years ago, the folks over at the Starr Conspiracy launched a thing called Tim Sackett Day. Tim is a great HR blogger who just wasn’t getting the love he deserved from the folks out there who make the Top Lists … You know the lists — Top HR Bloggers, Best of the Best HR Bloggers, and (everyone’s favorite) My Friends Ranked in No Particular Order of Awesomeness.

I’m joking. But only a little.

Anyway, this year, the Starr Conspiracy is honoring my friend and awesome HR professional, Victorio Milian for #TimSacketDay. When I heard this, I decided to write something because I really admire Victorio and I think he’s awesome and totally deserving of this honor.

Here’s why …

  1. He was one of the first people to follow and engage me on Twitter. He still does that. Victorio makes the HR social space a welcome one for new people wanting to learn, do and be more through social networking. And it’s a great thing cuz tweeting ain’t easy and the HR social space can be intimidating to even the most confident soul.
  2. He led Project: Social HR for almost a year. It was a multi-contributor blog where everyone wrote about easy hacks to lead the social media charge for yourself and your organization. The site is gone now but the sentiments aren’t forgotten — I’ve shared a lot on that in these posts
  3. He’s a MVP. A few months ago, I wrote about the MVP Presenters Group started by Chris Fields. The goal is to increase opportunity and diversity in the HR speaker space. Victorio joined the group in December. And I’m super glad to have him as part of the team.
  4. He’s a super cool dude. Victorio is a New Yorker. He’s an artist and a photographer. He’s a husband and a dad. He loves the NY Giants and old skool hip-hop. He speaks several languages. He loves coffee. He’s ambitious and inventive. He’s authentic and sincere.
  5. He knows his brand. I remember hearing him on this episode of Drive Thru HR talking about his job search focus after a layoff. He knew exactly what he wanted and he clearly wasn’t going to settle for less. He created a web campaign called “Hire Victorio” that eventually led him right to the place he said he wanted to be. It inspired me and encouraged me to better define my own personal brand and take a tough look at the environments where I thrive best so I could seek opportunities accordingly

So if you don’t know Victorio, you should get to know him. Connect with him. Subscribe to his blog. You will be glad that you did.

Happy #TimSackettDay, everyone!!

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