The Best of the Buzz 2014

Happy New Year!!!! I am excited for all that lies ahead of me for 2015. It is going to be a great year.

That doesn’t mean 2014 was a bad one. Although there were several tough personal moments, I have to say it was a really good year. And I couldn’t close the door on it without a quick look back of the top posts on the blog for the year.

I present to you “The Best of the Buzz — 2014” ….

14. Bringing that “Back to School Magic” to HR.

  • The 3 part series from September gives practical management and personal tips on how to bring the same excitement to work as teachers and kids returning to school from summer break.

13. What HR is to Me … Now.

  • My annual reflections on where the profession is and where it is going.

12. Confessions of a Louisiana SHRM 14 Speaker.

  • I was a ball of nerves preparing to speak at the annual conference. Read why.

11. Is It Time To Re-Write That Job Posting?

  • Set it and forget it works with crock pots, but not job ads. These tips will help you know when it is time to refresh.

10. HR Under the Gunn

  • Fun and practical mentoring and management tips from the reality show Under The Gunn

9. “The Choice Is Clear” — A Lesson in Conflict Resolution

  • It’s hard to choose between managers and tenured employees when conflict arises. This will help you make the choice.

8. Who’s The Boss

  • I brought my daughter to work with me and she thought the intern was my boss. Read why.

7. What I Learned at SHRM14 … Even Though I Wasn’t There

  • I missed the big SHRM show in Orlando. But I still learned stuff. Read about it.

6. No More And Then! (A Lesson In Employee Relations)

  • Here’s what problems with furniture delivery taught me about employee issues

5. What Is HR Thirsty For?

  • Learn the urban dictionary definition of “thirsty” and how it relates to frustrations in HR

4. HR Rock – Paper – Scissors … SHOOT!

  • Dealing with employee issues sometimes feel like a game. Learn how to play and win.

3. Certifiably SPHR Certified

  • My tips and tricks for passing the exam

2. It’s the Carnival of HR Love … and Other Stuff

  • I hosted the HR Carnival in February 2014, with posts focused on passion for work and at work

1. This is What I Think of the SHRM Certification

  • The decision of SHRM to split from HRCI sent shockwaves through the HR community this year. My thoughts on the split turned out to be my most popular post of the year


There you have it!! And please don’t forget to check out mine and all the other great posts over at Performance I Create.

I’m back next week with new content. Thank you for reading and sharing this journey with me!

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