It’s Time to Deck the Halls Again!

I love the Christmas holiday season. Since I started this blog, each year, I feature guest writers in December sharing HR lessons from class holiday movies.

This year, my guests are all new contributors from the blogging team at Performance I Create.

I’ve been writing for PIC since 2012. I love it because each month I get to write about how to get the best work performance out of yourself and those around you.

And I get to share creative space with one of the most talented groups of HR people on earth.

In November, PIC added 7 new contributors to the site!! Yay!! The PIC team is now 15 writers strong and posting great, new articles 3 – 5 days each week. If you’re not subscribed, click HERE and sign up today!

I’m excited and blessed to have 4 of our new contributors as my guest for this years’ holiday series. Here’s a preview of the guests past writings — so you know there is great stuff to come:

If you like those, you’ll love their holiday posts. Stay tuned. The fun begins December 17th!

In the meanwhile, check out PIC and our month of advice for making 2015 your best year yet!

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