Did You Know that I’m a MVP?

Did you know that I’m a MVP???

I’m not talking about being a Most Valuable Person … although I am that, too.

I’m talking about being a Multifarious Voice Presenter!!

The MVP Speaking Group was started this summer by my Blog-FF, HR Jedi and Resume Ninja extraordinaire — Chris Fields!!

Chris saw the need for greater diversity and more dynamic speakers in the conferences and seminars he was attending. He wondered why the great voices he knew weren’t being called on for more of these opportunities.

I’ll tell you all what I told him.

  • Connections. Like any other thing, speaking opportunities are as much about who you know as what you know. I’m not hating — just stating. It’s normal and natural to tap the shoulder of people you already know and trust because you know they’ll show up and do a great job.
  • Time. Opportunity really doesn’t knock as often as we’d like to think. You have to seek it. This takes concentrated effort — and time for that effort can be hard to come by with the other demands of life.

And that’s when I decided I wanted to be part of the MVP Presenters.

Because I want more speaking opportunities. The interviews, panel discussions, keynote presentations, seminars, webinars … I really dig it.  Despite my weeping inner introvert, deep down , I like doing it — and I’ve been told I am pretty darn good at it, too!

Thanks to MVP, now I will get more of those opportunities … Starting tonight when I speak to students at NC State University about the importance of mentoring.

Plus, I get to have my name associated with all the other talented speakers in the group. You should take a look at these folks for your upcoming event.

And if you’re looking for help booking gigs for your speaking aspirations, consider joining the MVPs!

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