Buzz Is Dead

Well, not exactly. More like integrating my split personality.

Ok. I’m not explaining this very well … Let me start again.

Two years ago when I decided to start this blog, things were different. My employer at the time wasn’t supportive or understanding so I chose to write under a pen name avoid any conflict. The pen name “Buzz Rooney” is a twist on my childhood nickname “Buzz-A-Rooney,” which my dad called me because I was precocious and inquisitive (translate: busy and nosey) …  Fast forward to today and a lot has changed. The biggest change being my current employer, who doesn’t really care about my blogging.

So why am I still writing under a pen name? The answer is:

I dunno.

The most pleasant surprise of this blogging journey has been the great connections and friendships I’ve made with other HR professionals. And it bothers me that some of them don’t know or realize my name isn’t Buzz … or Rooney. Not that I’ve ever done anything to deliberately mislead anyone — but it still feels un-good.

And I am venturing out as a speaker this year. I have a few local engagements scheduled and I am returning to the Louisiana SHRM conference in April as a concurrent session speaker. I’ve quickly learned no one wants the bio of a nickname or cartoon avatar headshot. It’s confusing and inauthentic … Two things I absolutely am not!

So Buzz has got to go! And Sarah Williams has got to emerge … Nice to meet you! If you feel so inclined, connect with me on my personal Twitter and Linked In.

Different name. Same writer. New Year. Exciting possibilities. Still excited to share the journey … Let’s get it!

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