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John 1:1-John 1:4 LUTH1545 Im Anfang war das Wort, und das Wort war bei Gott, und Gott war das Wort. Dasselbe war im Anfang bei Gott. Alle Dinge sind durch dasselbe gemacht, und ohne dasselbe ist nichts gemacht, was gemacht ist. In ihm war das Leben, und das Leben war das Licht der Menschen.

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Reading all the posts this month from newbie bloggers and career HR practitioners got me hyped up — and it got me thinking: what HR is to me … now? I still believe HR’s primary reason for being is to balance the needs of the employer with the rights of the employee. And I still believe […]

This month marked the One Year Anniversary of The Buzz on HR blog. To celebrate, I featured new bloggers and veteran HR voices sharing their reflections after years in the trenches on “What HR Means To Me.” Here’s the lineup in case you missed any of those posts: “HR is Teamwork & Badass Jeeps” by […]

In an old classroom that smells like an infirmary, with only hours of sleep, and sitting at a desk witha small notebook covered in doodles, the professor’s voice soared.  He wasa thin, passionate type of fellow, always subject to getting on a tear about certaintopics.  Each word he spoke was with passion and emphasis. Occasionally […]

Y2K was a turning point for me. Not because I feared the end of the world by way of technological meltdown, but because it was the year I took the first steps to what would become my career. As a 1998 graduate from the locally prestigious University of Richmond who double majored in Sociology and […]

Almost eight years ago, I found myself in my last year of undergrad searching for my niche in the world of psychology. I started out in clinical psychology and decided I didn’t want to diagnose and counsel for the rest of my existence so I set out on my quest to find my new niche. […]

I am officially a senior citizen.  I have an AARP membership.  I should be basking in the sun on the beach in Aruba or playing the slots in Las Vegas. Instead, I am in charge of one of the largest Social Services agencies in the nation, overseeing Employee Services (our new, fancy name for HR) […]

I went to college and majored in Secondary Education.  I had dreams of being a basketball coach and an English teacher, in that order.  I had no clue what Human Resources was, let alone, making a career out of it. After graduation, and a brief career in new home sales, I took a job in […]

A family member recently sent me a video of a small military group driving a Jeep down what looks like a small-town Main Street parade. I’m talking straight up Mayberry here. The only differences were that this video was in color, there wasn’t any whistling, and Gomer Pyle and Barney Fife were nowhere to be […]

Today is May 2, 2012. Which isn’t significant at all for me.But May 1, 2012 was significant. It was the First Anniversary of this blog! Yay! At the 6 month mark, I had quite the celebration and spent a lot of time reflecting on where I started, where I was currently and where I was […]

I attended the Louisiana SHRM State Conference in New Orleans last week. I had the BEST time while I was there — I made a lot of connections with some awesome people and I learned some things (Read about the 1st DAY of the Conference HERE) But before I dive into the lessons from Day 2, […]

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