HR, Porn & PR: Why I’m a Buzz Fan

So honored to be asked to guest post on “The Buzz on HR” celebrating the 6 month blogging milestone. I have been asked to “hover” the blog and reflect on any post I choose.

As a creative type, to just choose one is not my nature. So I’m taking an overview approach. I enjoyed re-reading some of my favorites like: The story about Dewey. Whew. How do people live with such drama and manipulation in their lives? For me, as a business owner, it can be very lonely dealing with employee and management issues, unable to really talk about them for reasons of privacy and professionalism. And that is the way it should be. But, many reflective online souls enjoy an outlet for expressing our trails and tribulations of the day. And that is what “The Buzz on HR’ is for me. The writing is funny, respectful, reflective, relevant and most of all REAL. Want a good sampling? Read the “HR is for the Birds” series of posts.

As a marketing professional I want to reflect on the “Honey, Hover, Hurt” concept. This may especially appeal to those who might want to blog someday and be like Buzz! She crafts a unique structure by lifting these three categories. When a blog has a structure the reader knows what to expect from the writing. This is a solid editorial strategy much like any magazine that focuses on a particular subject.

My feeling is that Buzz picked this topic structure to keep her great writing focused. In turn it also keeps the reader focused. I could take some lessons from this. (But, remember I could not pick just one post to review for this anniversary piece.) “The Buzz on HR” is laser targeted to cover trench HR issues lifted from real life or the social media blog-o-sphere. We read about the agreeable  ‘Honey’ that inspires us, engages us and gives us motivation to do our job a little better. We get to ‘Hover’ into the mind of Buzz that may not have a straight answer or a clear opinion but is thoughtfully dissecting. And we get the ‘Hurt’ which disagrees and challenges HR’s views, common strategies and other blogger opinions.

Add humor and some recurring employee characters, you just want to tune in to “The Buzz on HR” for more story-telling. And it is the story-telling part that pulls me in every time. When it is unprofessional to participate in gossip or wild rumor, I feel like I have this secret place to read about other people’s stuff. I think that is the argument for porn too. But we won’t go there.

Maybe this post should have been some nugget of wisdom pulled from a relevant HR experience? But, I decided to stick with my marketing and PR  thoughts, encouraging readers to take some time and discover 6 months of wisdom right here on “The Buzz on HR”.  Anticipating 6 more months.

So congratulations Buzz! Cheers. This post is for you! For readers and writers out there in the Human Resources world who are inspired to read or inspired to blog, you have come to where the buzz is on HR. And thanks again Buzz for this secret place that I’m sure will continue to be discovered by many more readers.



Lyn Hoyt adopted me like a little HR sister within days of my first blog post. Well, maybe I adopted her … But either way, she’s mine now! Lyn has been a constant source of encouragement, NC Wolfpack love and bacon! Her presence and support has been invaluable to me.

Lyn is a business owner in Nashville, TN where she and her husband own Berkeley Tandem, Inc. an online retailer and wholesale manufacturer designing and producing framed recognition products in the USA since 1995. Home of and

Lyn blogs about HR, employee branding and engagement at  and tweets under @designtwit. She also tweets under @mtshrm while serving on her local SHRM Chapter communications committee.






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