How I Spent My Summer Vacation

For me, summer runs from Memorial Day until Labor Day. And my summer was pretty awesome. I spent good times with friends and family, I saw sights and soaked in the sun!

One of my favorite trips was to the NC Aquarium. I was nervous about it because I am a tad bit claustrophobic¬†and perennially neurotic. The last time I went to an aquarium, I got freaked out when some huge weird-looking monster fish swam overhead, started hyperventilating and had to be escorted out. The great thing about the NC Aquarium was that all the fish were in tanks so I didn’t have to worry about anything swimming overhead — and the likelihood any of the fish would jump out the tank or try to break through the glass to eat me like in Jaws 3 was unlikely.

Inspiration hit me in the Jelly Fish exhibit when I read this description …


I thought how many times I’ve seen Jelly Fish in the workplace. The people who don’t care much about others. The people who never really stand up for anything right or necessary. The people who complain but never have legitimate suggestions to solve problems. No heart, spineless with no brains. They can drift along in our organizations for years, hanging around with other jelly fish or lesser people they can feed on. They don’t do enough that’s wrong to get in trouble but they don’t really do anything that’s all right, either.

my son looking at jellyfish in the NC Aquarium


The next one that caught my attention was the Muskie. During one of my late night battles with insomnia, I remember seeing people fishing for Muskies on television. I wanted to read what all the hub-bub was about …


There are Muskies in our workplaces, too. Territorial people who always have to find a way to establish themselves as superior to others. The types who will sacrifice or take anyone out if they feel their dominant position is threatened. And they strike in the most cunning, unexpected ways.

So how do you deal with Jelly Fish and Muskie¬†types in the workplace? The same way you deal with them in the water — AVOID THEM!! These types of people drain your creativity, productivity, motivation and ambition when you spend too much time around them. And they must turn on you at some point in order to ensure their survival. Befriending or trying to encourage a Jelly Fish or Muskie type of person is only going to hurt you in the end.

Proceed with caution. And remember there are plenty other fish in the sea!







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